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By Timan Rebel

3 long-reads about startups and entrepreneurship in your inbox every Saturday morning. Plus a free update on what's happening at NEXT. NEXT Amsterdam is a startup studio from Amsterdam.

3 long-reads about startups and entrepreneurship in your inbox every Saturday morning. Plus a free update on what's happening at NEXT. NEXT Amsterdam is a startup studio from Amsterdam.

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NEXT Amsterdam #102 - The rise of Anti-Notifications


NEXT Amsterdam #101 - Here’s How Fortnite ‘Hooked’ Millions


NEXT Amsterdam #100 🎉

As part of the Amsterdam Capital Week Arches Capital will organize a road cycle tour (= wielrentocht) on Monday 24 September. Arches Capital is an angel community investing in early-stage startups.In a beautiful 50km tour around Amsterdam you have the opportu…


NEXT Amsterdam #99 - Where to Go After Product-Market Fit

Issue #99! Almost 100 issues and that also means we've been sending this newsletter for almost two years. For next week we'll have a look at our best clicked articles and share them with you again. Plus 3 new long-reads about startups and entrepreneurship of …


NEXT Amsterdam #98 - Building Your Ideal Investor Persona


NEXT Amsterdam #97 - MedAngel secures follow-up funding

This week NEXT Amsterdam-alumni MedAngel announced that they have secured follow-up funding after a year in our program. The round is led by Holland Venture and Oost NL. This investment will allow the team to expand and acquire more users and business partner…


NEXT Amsterdam #96 - Product/market fit defined in 4 easy steps


NEXT Amsterdam #95 - 10 Hacks to Have Happier Investors

Last week we visited Austria meeting with startups, business angels and private equity. We started with the Business Angel Summit in Kitzbühel the week before and went on travelling between Linz and Vienna. Visiting other startup ecosystems in Europe gives us…


NEXT Amsterdam #94 - How Marketplace Startups Can Achieve Product/Market Fit


NEXT Amsterdam #93 - How Intercom became a unicorn product

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NEXT Amsterdam #92 - How to Break Bad News to Investors


NEXT Amsterdam #91 - You can't ask what customers want

Upcoming NEXT events


NEXT Update #90 - What Kind of Seed Round Should You Raise?


NEXT Update #89 - You’re not changing the world


NEXT Update #88 - Run Less Software!


NEXT Update #87 - Can You Be Grateful to Siri?

Last Tuesday we organised another "Introduction to Lean" meetup, with a short intro and lots of practical tips and answers how to apply Lean Startup in your startup or corporate innovation team. In 3 weeks we organize an Introduction to Corporate Innovation, …


NEXT Update #86 - We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made.

Last week Esther spoke at the Lean Startup Night in Amsterdam together with her co-author Tendayi Viki. It was part of the ramp-up to the Lean Startup Summit 2018 on March 20th and 21stThere are still special discounted Summit tickets for startup founders for…


NEXT Update #85 - The Most Important Job in Technology

This edition of the NEXT Update is all about Team, Tech, Traction, TAM and moaTs. Or how VC's evaluate a startup and how important the right team is for your success. You need leaders, do-ers and not too many delegators. Earlier this week we launched a second…


NEXT Update #84 - Going Global with Your Startup

To celebrate the start of 2018 we'd like to offer some desks for 150 euro each. Is your startup looking for a co-working space to work together with other startup founders, mentors and investors, NEXT Amsterdam is the spot for you. We are located in the heart…


NEXT Update #83: Welcome to 2018

* We moved into our new office in Het Sieraad* We invested in Butleroy (Linz), Peermatch (Frankfurt) and MedAngel (Berlin)* Cocoon got acquired and rebranded to Carreermatch* We were named 5th in the European Accelerator Top 20* We developed the NEXT Converti…