NEXT Update #39 - Lean Startup recap

Even we have to go on holiday sometimes, so in the next 3 weeks we will be recapping some of the best
NEXT Update #39 - Lean Startup recap
By NEXT Amsterdam • Issue #39
Even we have to go on holiday sometimes, so in the next 3 weeks we will be recapping some of the best articles we’ve written in the last year. This week we start with our series about Lean Startup

An introduction to Lean Startup: How it all started
The Lean Startup, Running lean, The four steps to epiphany, we have all read the books. We use the Business Model Canvas and build MVP’s. The Lean Startup methodology has become very popular not only within the startup industry worldwide, but also amongst companies that want to enable innovation and change. Allocating time and money as efficient as possible, shorten development cycles and make something people actually want to use.
Validated Learning: The ‘Build, Measure, Learn’ loop
Eric Ries defines two phases in a startup. There is a Customer Discovery and Customer Validation phase. The first fase is all about proving problem/solution fit. It starts of with exploring the customer segments, validating there is a real problem and deciding on a solution.
Continuous experimenting
Trying to validate your way to a working businessmodel. You don’t validate your businessmodel by running one single experiment. Continuously testing risky assumptions is important in every phase of your startup. Helping you to derisk the path to a successful businessmodel.
Doing customer interviews: how to get to actual value
One of the most important tools, or experiments you can do throughout the search for your business model is the customer interview. Whether you are finding out if there is a problem, or want to know about what it really is that people are trying to do, the customer interview is an important tool in understanding more about the behaviour and needs of your customer.
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