NEXT Update #43 - Etiquettes in startup communities

NEXT Update #43 - Etiquettes in startup communities
By NEXT Amsterdam • Issue #43

Silicon Valley Etiquette
Every culture has its own rules, so has the startup community. Although the article is written for SV, it applies just as much to any other startup hub. Or just doing business in general. Be. On. Time!
How to get meetings with people too busy to see you
It’s all about paying it forward. Don’t just ask if you can pick someone’s brain, tell them what they get in return! Yes, it is this easy
Rise in corporate venture shows innovation is moving to startups
Did you know that the corporate R&D budget in the US is bigger than the total amount of VC money in the world? It’s mind blowing how much money corporates have to invest in R&D. And more and more that money is invested directly in startups
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