NEXT Update #53 - Best of 2016

With this last issue of 2016 we'd like to thank all of you for reading, sharing and replying to our w
NEXT Update #53 - Best of 2016
By NEXT Amsterdam • Issue #53
With this last issue of 2016 we’d like to thank all of you for reading, sharing and replying to our weekly digests. You shared our digest so many times that we received the second Most love given to a Revue newsletter! Who would have thought that :)
NEXT year we’ll continue to share 3 long-reads with you every weekend and update you on our whereabouts. We’ll show you our new office for example ;-)
Have a great new year,
Esther and Timan

The best long-reads from 2016
If you want someone to invest in your company, you need to realize they are looking at 5 different factors.  •  Share
Great overview of some cultural rules, that will make sure everybody is on the same page. We can really recommend doing this for your own company as well.  •  Share
“We are absolutely living through the greatest generation of fake entrepreneurship that we’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately, many people will be hurt both financially and emotionally because of this era. I implore you to take these words seriously.”  •  Share
From NEXT in 2016
The important lesson to remember is that averages hide the pattern. It is important to distinguish different types of users. Whether the difference is time or customer segment.
It feels like a lot of work, but doing this as a team will lead to valuable insights. Your brain is (still) the best patterns recognition system there is in the world, you will ‘see’ patterns sticking out to you. Leaving through the answers that are written down will not give you the insights it will when visualizing it.
That definition for MVP is quite vague. We’ve seen corporates spent up to € 200k in development to create their first MVP, agencies using the word MVP for a product that does not have enough budget, but have also seen startups spent only half an hour on their MVP to get it out and start learning.
At NEXT we decided to drop the word MVP and use solution experiment, prototype, or first version instead.
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