NEXT Update #64: What's your California Roll?

We skipped two weekends and we're sorry for that! We've been so busy that we didn't have any articles
NEXT Update #64: What's your California Roll?
By NEXT Amsterdam • Issue #64
We skipped two weekends and we’re sorry for that! We’ve been so busy that we didn’t have any articles to share. We had a great second Expert Session on how to use analytics to make data-driven decisions. We also made another investment in a fintech company! More on that in a later issue.
We have 6 desks left in our 🏤 office for a startup that wants to join our little ecosystem at Het Sieraad. Just shoot us an email if you are interested! 
Enjoy your weekend reading!
- Esther and Timan

How We Built Our Machine Learning Model for Churn Prediction
We try to do this by hand for startups we work with: What does a user need to do become active and stay on as long as possible. But machine learning is a much better way of achieving this. Great read!
Unexpected consequences of using AI meeting schedulers
True AI is great. You can use it to predict system errors, drive cars across the country, and stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. But please keep it out of my inbox. 
People Don’t Want Something Truly New, They Want the Familiar Done Differently.
It’s interesting to see people always prefer the familiar. The California Roll for example introduced Americans to sushi by using familiar ingredients arranged in a new way. Now ask yourself: What is your California Roll?
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